What Is ParaFed Taranaki?

Parafed Taranaki is part of a National body, that locally consists of a committee and an advisor. We organise and facilitate sport, recreation and play for people with a physical or visual impairment. The sports, recreation and play opportunities change based on what our disabled members needs and insights are.

The Committee

Philip Wells
Philip Wells Chair Person
Philip Wells Chair Person Philip Wells is currently chair of Parafed Taranaki and a passionate advocate for people living with disabilities. Philip is involved in the governance of a number of groups that work to improve the lives of New Zealanders. Philip worked for 16 years in software development, including 15 years with a software development company in New Plymouth – a role which he found hugely rewarding. Philip is a New Zealand Rugby Foundation ‘VIP’ (Very Injured Player). He was injured during a rugby tackle whilst playing for his school, Okato College, on home ground in coastal Taranaki. Philip remains a farmer at heart and has fulfilled his dream of building his own home on his parent’s dairy farm. Meeting new and interesting people has always been one of Philip’s favourite things, along with following the All Blacks and attending as many games as he can
John Sigurdsson
John Sigurdsson Committee Member
John Sigurdsson Committee Member John has been a board member for about 6 years and was the first SDO for Parafed Taranaki back in 2010. He has been involved in the disability sport sector for over 10 years, mostly with Halberg Disability Sport Foundation. He is a keen footballer, golfer and runner and also finds time to hike the many tracks around Taranaki
Corinne Davies
Corinne Davies Secretary
Corinne Davies Secretary
Erica Perry
Erica Perry Committee Member
Erica Perry Committee Member Erica Perry has spent the majority of her life here in Taranaki and works as a nanny and has been doing this for a number of years. Erica enjoys socialising with different people of all different ages. When not working she likes going to the pools for a swim, the occasional boccia session or just being outside. Erica has accomplished many achievements in her life, she works with schools to talk to students and travels overseas frequently. Erica is an inspiration to many with her can do attitude.
Krys Beardman
Krys Beardman Treasurer
Krys Beardman Treasurer Krys Beardman is the Treasurer for Parafed Taranaki. Krys Beardman lives in New Plymouth, has an interest in administration, technology, travel and has been a volunteer for over 20 years.. She is a life member of the New Zealand Inline Hockey Association and the New Plymouth Roller Sports Club Krys is a past recipient of the Sport Taranaki Volunteer Administrator award in 2003 and 2012 and continues to volunteer her time across three different organisations.
Dan Dawick
Dan Dawick Committee Member
Dan Dawick Committee Member
Megan Peters
Megan Peters Committee Member
Megan Peters Committee Member
Rob Kirkwood
Rob Kirkwood Committee Member
Rob Kirkwood Committee Member Rob is one of our Parafed Dad’s and along with his daughter Milly, they are regular participants in Parafed activities and Halberg Games.
Rob joined the Parafed board in 2021 and comes with a background in outdoor education and risk management in high risk industries. Rob currently works as a senior manager in the energy sector and is involved with organisational governance and risk management.
Kevin Whittaker
Kevin Whittaker Committee Member
Kevin Whittaker Committee Member

Parafed Taranaki Advisor – Tracy Coker

Tracy’s role is to organise and facilitate sport, recreation and play for people with a physical or visual impairment. Tracy was in the advisor role for three years before going on maternity leave for a year. In 2020 Tracy is back in the role and looking forward to creating physical activity opportunities for people with a physical disability. You can contact her on 0276322911 or advisor@parafedtaranaki.co.nz

Taranaki Disability Strategy Coalition Group

The Taranaki Disability Strategy coalition was launched in 2012 and involves 12 key partners. The coalition works together to monitor and implement the strategy’s action plan.  In 2016 the Taranaki Disability Action plan was updated with the 2017-2020 Disability Action Plan endorsed by the Taranaki Disability Strategy Coalition.  This updated strategy and action plan provides a framework for greater collaboration in working together towards a non-disabling society.  Working together, the strategy partners can achieve better and more sustainable outcomes for people with disabilities, and provide greater equal opportunities to participate.

Taranaki Disability Strategy Coalition Group

Plants for Parafed

Growing heritage, old fashioned and rare garden plants for sale to support ParaFed Taranaki

Lynda is a passionate gardener in Taranaki for over 30 years and has a number of old fashioned, rare, heritage, cottage and special plants in her home sized garden in New Plymouth. Many of the varieties you can no longer buy at garden centers.

Having always grown plants for friends and Lynda has now decided to donate her time and the proceeds of all sales to support a fantastic Parafed Taranaki. Lynda has raised over $20,000 to date for Parafed Taranaki.