Our Vision: "To inspire people with physical disabilities to achieve equality, excellence and wellbeing through Sport and Recreation"


Taranaki Disability Coalition Partnership

On 3 December 2012, our Chairperson, Keitha Cathro-Mills, signed the  Taranaki Disability Coalition Partnership
As Hon. Tariana Turia said so well ... "It is critical in today’s challenging times for communities and organisations to work together. You will achieve more by joining your resources than trying to do it on your own." The councils, organisations and companies who agreed and signed the Taranaki Disability Coalition Partnership are as follows:

Mayor of South Taranaki District Council       The Taranaki manager of Idea Services
Mayor of Stratford District Council   Chairperson of the Taranaki Maori Disability Coalition Group
Mayor of New Plymouth District Council   Chair of Disabled Persons Assembly Taranaki
Chair of the Taranaki Regional Council   Manager of Accessible Taranaki
Chair of Taranaki District Hospital    Chairperson of Parafed Taranaki
Chief Executive of Sport Taranaki   Chair of the Taranaki Disabilities Information Centre Trust
Regional Commissioner of Work and Income