Our Vision: "To inspire people with physical disabilities to achieve equality, excellence and wellbeing through Sport and Recreation"

Member's Discretionary Donation Fund

This support is available to any member needing extra funding to ensure their participation in a sport and/or recreational activity, will be possible.

A basic summary of the Application Criteria is:

  • Applicant needs to be a paid-up member and reside in the Taranaki Province at the date of application.
  • This funding is only available for amateur sport and/or recreation, where the aim shall be to assist participants to participate in such activity.
  • This assistance is only available to an individual. (not to groups, clubs, etc)
  • Requests up to a maximum of $500, will be considered by Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary. Applicant should get a reply about 5 working days after the application was received by ParaFed Taranaki.
  • Requests over $500 will be discussed at Committee meetings (meetings are held bi-monthly). Applicant should get a reply around 5 working days after the Committee meeting took place.


If you wish to know more, please go to our Contact page. Either send us a message or give our Sport Development Officer a call.

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